Panthers In The Hole - Angola 3

Panthers In The Hole - Angola 3

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Panthers in the Hole er skrevet af Bruno Cénou og David Cénou.

Oversat fra fransk af Olivia Taylor Smith.

Bogen er en designet som en tegneserie og er på engelsk.

The real-Life story of the Angola 3: three americans kept in solitary confinement for over a century between them,

in th Louisiana state penitentiary known as Angola.

In the early 1970´s, deep in rural Loisiana, young inmates Robert Hillary King, Albert Woodfox, and Herman Wallace were silenced for trying to expose contiued segregation, inhumane conditions,
and prisoner abuse af the 18,000-acre former slave planation known as Angola. The men who became known as the Angola3 served more than a combined century in solitary confinement,
before Albert Woodfox, the last member to remain incarcerated, was released in 2016.

Pathers in the hole is a dramatic story of courage, perseverance and solidarity inside a prison system thta seems more at home in a totalitarian regime than in the contemporary united States.

Featuring an Afterword by Angola 3 member Robert Hillary King and an appendix detailing the use af solitary confinement in the United States,

Panthers in the hole was produced in partnership with Amnesty International.
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